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Peter McIntyre - Texas A&M

Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Fission

Luciano Calabretta - INFN

Developing a High Power Cyclotron To Drive Sub Critical Reactor

Jess C Gehin - ORNL

Liquid Fueled Reactors; Molten Salt Reactor Technology

A T Nelson - Los Alamos

Materials Challenges for Deployment of Thorium Dioxide Fuel

Robert Arnold - UK DECC

New Nuclear Technologies and the UK Energy Strategy

Robert Hargraves - Dartmouth College

Nuclear Ammonia: Thorium's Killer App

Takashi Kamei - Ritsumeikan Uni

OREC and The Bank

Ondrej Benes - EC JRC ITU

Physico-Chemical Properties of Thorium Fuels

Pavel Soucek - EC JRC ITU

Pyrochemical Research on Molten Salts

Gary Krellenstein

The Best, Most Overlooked Solution to Global Warming and Long-Term Energy Supply

Oystein Asphjell - Thor Energy

The Norwegian Thorium Initiative

Paul Friley - BNL

Thorium Economics; A Few Perspectives

Michael Todosow - BNL

Thorium-Based Fuels for PWRs

Manchester Uni - Hywel Owen

UK Developments Towards Accelerator-Driven Systems

Tony Favale and Tim Myers - AES

US Socio-Economic Case for LWR Spent Fuel Treatment

Laurence O'Hagan - The Weinberg Foundation

Weinberg Foundation

Kirk Sorensen - FlibeEnergy

Why Didn't This Happen

Robert Hargraves - Ralph Moir

Liquid Fuoride Thorium Reactors

Yoichiro Shimazu

Current MSR Japan

Ralph Moir - Edward Teller

Plant Based on Molten Salt Technology

Kazuo Furukawa

Chap X - Fuji Project

Kazuo Furukawa


Ritsuo Yoshioka

Molten-Salt Reactor FUJI and Related Thorium Cycles

Takashi Kamei

Japan Revival Strategy by Thorium MSR

Thor Energy Norway

Thorium power

Wash 1222

Evaluation of MSBR - September 1972

Kirk Sorensen

Nuclear Thorium


Chronology of Thorium

Bob Green

Thorium Basics


Thorium Fuel Cycle


Thorium-Based Nuclear Fuel

Yacine Kadi

Green Nuclear Power - A Phisicists View


Nuclear Reactors Revolution Book


Kazuo Furukawa

01 Preface

Kazuo Furukawa

02 Contents

Kazuo Furukawa

03 Introduction

Kazuo Furukawa

04 Chap 1

Kazuo Furukawa

05 Chap 2

Kazuo Furukawa

06 Chap 3

Kazuo Furukawa

07 Chap 4

Kazuo Furukawa

08 Chap 5

Kazuo Furukawa

09 Chap 6

Kazuo Furukawa

10 Chap 7

Kazuo Furukawa

11 Chap 8

Kazuo Furukawa

12 Chap 9

Kazuo Furukawa

13 Chap 10

Kazuo Furukawa

14 Afterword

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